Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crowder Mountain (our own little Everest)

Chris had a few days off in a row last week, and we decided to spend them getting to know the Charlotte area. On Monday of last week we went hiking at Crowder Mountain State Park. I love to hike and was really excited to get to go again (Houston didn't have much by way of mountains). We thought it was going to be a really hot day, but it got cloudy and breezy as soon as we got there.

About half way through the hike, it started to rain...hard. We made it to the ranger station and had to stay there an hour before the skies cleared up enough to keep going. You have to understand that one of the things that Chris hates most in life (even though he was a swimmer), is being cold and wet. So we had no other alternative than to hang out in the station. Chris ended up taking a nap in their theater.

Soon after we continued our hike, Chris noticed some new wildlife. He was walking in front of me and suddenly stopped to pick up a little frog. He told me to get the camera, which was in the pocket of the the bag he was carrying. Unfortunately, I hate frogs...all amphibians really...and reptiles for that matter. So he had to put his friend down so I could get the camera ready. Sadly, he couldn't find the frog again. Hence, the picture of him searching in the leaves.

I know...I'm a terrible wife.

Overall we really enjoyed our hike and saw some amazing views. Mostly it was nice to spend time together that wasn't on our couch.

It's all about doing stuff that I can put on the blog.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

If you feed them, they will come...right?

We often watch a wide variety of birds hanging out in the trees behind our house. We thought it would be fun to get a bird feeder to bring them closer to the house. This will serve two purposes: 1. we get to enjoy some of God's creations up close, 2. it will drive our cat crazy! So yesterday we went to a store recommended by a friend and bought our first bird feeder.

However, we noticed that none of the birds were coming to eat our seeds. The man at the store recommended that we move the feeder closer to the trees for a while and then bring it back to the house once the birds were hooked. So that's what we did this morning before church.

But then we watched a large amount of birds flying in to what looked like one of our neighbor's back patio. This is what we saw:

How do we compete with that? Five feeders!!!! We're thinking sabotage.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Be gentle, it's my first time

I finally started a blog. I don't know why. I have nothing to say. Allow me to fill you in on my life right now:

I wake up whenever I can't stand the cat meowing at me anymore. I go to a group class at the gym...maybe two if I'm feeling adventurous. I come home, eat lunch, and then go straight to the pool. After an hour or so, I come home and shower (most of the time). I then watch tv, read, or otherwise lounge until Chris gets home from work. I try to vacuum, light a candle, start the dryer...something that makes it look like I was really busy before he gets home.

Exciting, eh?

So why start blogging?

I'm looking for something to fill that slot from 4-5...I'm sick of Oprah.

P.S. I may need some tutorials...I know nothing of this blogging world...leave comments.