Thursday, January 21, 2010

My lady [bump]…anyone else now singing in their head??


     I finally decided to take the official “bump” picture; it only took me 25 weeks! I really feel like I wasn’t big enough to warrant a picture until the past two weeks, but it is highly probable that I was in denial. (I still haven’t even made an official announcement to my classes. I figure if they haven’t used their powers of reasoning to put the pieces together, than they don’t deserve to know. Besides, I get new students next week.)



     To be fair, this picture was taken after a big dinner, so it is also highly probably that most of what you see is just enchiladas.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Victoria's Secret is not my best friend

And here's why:

I have never had anything against Victoria's Secret in the past; other than the fact that they don't carry my size in the store anymore, I have always found it a pleasant place to shop. I had a few of their swimsuits for my honeymoon. I probably have some lingerie from there as well. In fact, I probably bought said lingerie during their Semi-Annual sale, which brings me to my point.

I don't look like Victoria Secret models. I never really have. Not that anyone ever really can in reality, but that's another story. But right now especially, I really don't look like their models. At 23 weeks pregnant, there are a lot more bumps than there used to be, and I have definitely lost my waist line. But now that their Semi-Annual sale is on, it causes my some distress.

And here's why:

My husband is always making eyes at the girls in the commercial! He has always had a thing for Heidi, and I'm okay with that, but it's getting a little ridiculous now! I try to explain that I have more breasts than all of those girls combined, to which he explains, that maybe if I could show them off and bend down next to a pole, he could make those eyes at me, too.

I can't even bend to put on shoes very well.

This is not fair!

(Please note that if you are not familiar with my (or my husband's for that matter) sense of humor, you may be a little disturbed by this entry. Let me assure you, we are happy. I do not feel neglected or unwanted. I'm just saying.)