Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hannah: 2, 3, 4, 5 months (i.e. I’m a lazy blogger)

Because I had a suspicion that I wouldn’t be as dedicated to blogging Hannah updates, I copied my cousin’s idea to photograph Hannah on each new month. So even if I don’t remember what was going on at each stage, at least I have proof of the changes she was making along the way. And if I were better at it, I would edit these to look more professional. But we all know how that ends.

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But because I fee like I should do some updating, here’s what I do remember.

At 2 months, Hannah was only waking up once a night to eat and I was so spoiled. But don’t worry, that didn’t last. I also started to notice how much more vocal she was compared to Miles.

At 3 months, she started rolling from front to back. But then she forgot that she knew how to do it.

At 4 months, she started rolling from back to front, but forgetting how to go back, would start screaming until someone rolled her over. Fun for Mommy at naptimes. I kept telling myself that I was going to make her cry it out, but kept finding excuses to put it off.

At 5 months, she was getting a bit more consistent with her naps, especially her morning nap. I also started giving her some solids because she went from only waking up once at night to waking up three or four times.

And that’s as much as I remember, sadly.

December 2012, Christmas

This was a wonderful Christmas for our family because we were able to spend it in our new home, and Chris was home for Christmas Eve night and all of Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve, we let Miles and Hannah open two presents: their ornaments and pjs. Miles was not pleased with that, so we picked another that we knew was a book from Chris’s parents. And he LOVES it. Like, we’ve read it EVERY day since Christmas.

018010 (2)

And I think Chris was super excited that I wasn’t laid up in bed with morning sickness this Christmas, so I could actually help play the part of Santa.

2012-12-24 21.45.54

And I think Santa did a really great job picking presents that Miles would like. He also wrapped some new boots and a wallet for me without even telling Chris that we was bringing them. That Santa is so great!

On Christmas morning, Miles got delayed playing on his road and then with every toy along the way. In fact, Hannah had to take a nap while Miles was still working his way through the presents.

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And then here’s the best picture we could get on Christmas Sunday.


December 2012, a visit from friends

In the beginning of December, some good friends of ours from Charlotte came to visit for a week with their two beautiful daughters. Emerson was born just after Miles and those two spent a lot of time together during their first year of life as Chris and Natalie finished residency. We were so excited to see them again, especially because they had their second daughter, Kenley, just after Hannah was born last year.

We tried to do some fun Colorado things (weather permitting), but also spent a lot of time hanging out at the house since they were four nappers to think about.

We took a quick trip to Garden of the Gods on a chilly morning, but out Colorado boy refused any hats, gloves, or thick coats.


Here’s the two babies “playing” together.


And then we attempted a Christmas craft for the toddlers.

130 131

Thanksgiving 2012

Because we moved into a new house (with a double oven), we decided to host Thanksgiving for my family (including my cousin and her family from Utah). I didn’t take many pictures because having a baby and cooking a 22 lb turkey takes a lot of time, but we had so much fun and were so grateful to spend the day with so many loved ones.

Uncle Steve holding Hannah (whose showing a little belly).


Caleb and June (with cousin Kim in the background) and their son Wyatt who did not want to sit still for a photo:

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A very cold cornhole game:


Matching pjs:


And the best part:


Halloween 2012

Better late than never, right?

This Halloween was so much fun because Miles was old enough to understand what was going on, but not old enough to pick his own costume. And Hannah was young enough to just sit still and look cute.

In the beginning of the month, we went to a local pumpkin patch with some friends. Miles seemed to enjoy most of it, except when he realized that he had hay on his hands.




And then before Halloween we let Miles paint his pumpkin because we knew that carving it would only result in more work for us. This child barely tolerated the paint on his hands, so the stringy insides of the pumpkin would be too much.


We wanted to do a family theme with costumes, but then I remembered that I’m too lazy for that. So we had a donkey (generic, not Eeyore) and an elephant.



Happy Halloween, you know, three months ago.