Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big Announcement!!!

Our family is growing!

Meet the newest addition: Scout (at least I think that's what we're calling her). That also means that we will be calling the cat, Jem. If you don't know what this means, read more!!!! Sorry, the English teacher in me escaped.

We adopted Scout on Thursday night from a rescue group here in Charlotte. She was living with her siblings and mom until we brought her home, so she was a little sad for the first few days. However, she is a fantastic dog! Yes, we have had a few accidents in the house, but that's to be expected. And yes, the first night was torture as we listened to her cry. And yes, the cat peed on my bed in protest.

BUT, she is great! We took her to the park yesterday for a long walk, and she doesn't even need a leash. She will stay right near us, and she doesn't run up to people or other dogs when they come by. She doesn't bark. She doesn't chew on everything. And she isn't needy. She just is.

We'll see if this all lasts. She might just come out of her depression and become a new pup.

And I already promised at least one friend that the next time I make an announcement about an addition to the family, it will be a human addition.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

My parents came into town for my Spring Break, and we had a blast. They enjoyed our Spring weather (more than a month before they will see it in Denver), and I enjoyed exploring new sights around Charlotte (and elsewhere).

I also enjoyed the generosity of my both of my parents, but especially my dad. You see, my dad doesn't like to sit around, so here's a list of things he accomplished on his vacation:

* bought a ladder (and other supplies)

* used ladder to paint my stairwell

* installed new light fixtures in stairwell, entry, and hallway

* installed nifty little things into my hoses and nozzles

* painted my hallway

* fixed a broken door knob

* fixed all of our broken blinds

* bought miscellaneous supplies that my house lacked

I'm sure there is much more, but I really appreciated all of his hard work.

My mom and I did a lot of shopping.

Chris was able to take two separate days off while they were visiting, so we spent those two days in Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC.
Rather than posting all of the pictures again, just go to my Facebook albums. Here are the links: