Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After reading my previous post this morning, Chris was rather alarmed. He really wants me to point out that I don’t wear lip gloss and earrings to flirt with my doctor (because that was what he thought of first). Does this mean that he assumes every time a woman comes to the ER with lip gloss and earrings they are there to flirt with him?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lip Gloss and Earrings

Today I had my annual appointment with my ob/gyn (I promise this will not be a graphic post). I uphold to a very strict rule when having my annual exam:

Always wear lip gloss and earrings.

I have to admit, I have been pretty good at not dressing like a schlub everyday since having Miles, but I definitely am not always at my best—mostly due to the fact that I’m still in between sizes and such. But I know I wash my hair less than I used to and don’t wear make-up as much, but it’s hard to do all of those things when the baby wakes up in the middle of my shower. (This morning Chris was taking care of Miles while I got ready. He had the audacity to mention that maybe today wasn’t the best day to decide to wash my hair. I think he said this because it meant that he had to put Miles down for nap #1…they’re still working on their naptime relationship). But I had to wash my hair today. It was annual exam day! Yippee!

Because when visiting the ob/gyn, one must keep some sense of dignity. Especially since you are wearing a paper “apron” across your chest and a sheet across your lap; the only things you have left are earrings and lip gloss. I usually wear a dangly earring, but Miles likes to grab.

So today, I might have looked just a little bit prettier than every other day, but that’s because today was a special day.

Also, I was able to zip up and button some pre-pregnancy jeans!!! I celebrated with McDonalds on the way home.


Oh, and the bangs…I cut them on a whim before church on Sunday. Not sure why. I just barely got finished growing out the last set.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A future Olympian

Chris has been wanting to take Miles to our community pool for a while now, but I kept putting it off because they don’t make swim diapers small enough for newborns. And also, it’s really hot here. But I bought some diapers one size bigger than he wears now, we put him in the only swim suit we have (6-12 months), and we went over there after dinner.

He seemed indifferent to the water, which I guess is better than him screaming.

August 2010 023August 2010 075

I did manage to convince Chris that dunking him wouldn’t be a good idea yet. Maybe in a few months.  

We’re not sure if he can float yet. If he takes after my family, his forehead will be the only thing floating after about 10 seconds. But as you know, Chris was a swimmer, so hopefully he gets more skills from that side of the family.

August 2010 037

Thursday, August 5, 2010


On our walk the other night, we walked past a mother with a baby in a stroller and a small toddler walking beside her. We had stopped on the sidewalk while Chris picked up some poop on the grass. I had Scout on the leash to the side of the sidewalk so that this family could walk by. Scout is pretty good with kids (except our nephew that she nipped) mostly because she is more scared of them than they are of her.

But this boy wasn’t scared at all. He walked right up to her and put his hand at her mouth. At first I thought he was just trying to pet her but had never learned that you don’t put your hand in front of a dog’s mouth. I told him “no” because his mother wasn’t paying attention. But then he walked back over to her and hit her on the nose, laughing. The poor dog just stood there.

Chris got angry and told the mother, “That’s how you get bit.”

I don’t think she really understood.

We moved our family to the other side of the street so that we wouldn’t have to walk past him again. Chris kept watching them as they passed a little girl with her parents. Apparently the boy hit her, too. It’s not just dogs that he has it out for.