Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lip Gloss and Earrings

Today I had my annual appointment with my ob/gyn (I promise this will not be a graphic post). I uphold to a very strict rule when having my annual exam:

Always wear lip gloss and earrings.

I have to admit, I have been pretty good at not dressing like a schlub everyday since having Miles, but I definitely am not always at my best—mostly due to the fact that I’m still in between sizes and such. But I know I wash my hair less than I used to and don’t wear make-up as much, but it’s hard to do all of those things when the baby wakes up in the middle of my shower. (This morning Chris was taking care of Miles while I got ready. He had the audacity to mention that maybe today wasn’t the best day to decide to wash my hair. I think he said this because it meant that he had to put Miles down for nap #1…they’re still working on their naptime relationship). But I had to wash my hair today. It was annual exam day! Yippee!

Because when visiting the ob/gyn, one must keep some sense of dignity. Especially since you are wearing a paper “apron” across your chest and a sheet across your lap; the only things you have left are earrings and lip gloss. I usually wear a dangly earring, but Miles likes to grab.

So today, I might have looked just a little bit prettier than every other day, but that’s because today was a special day.

Also, I was able to zip up and button some pre-pregnancy jeans!!! I celebrated with McDonalds on the way home.


Oh, and the bangs…I cut them on a whim before church on Sunday. Not sure why. I just barely got finished growing out the last set.


Kimba said...

you look fantastic jenny! either you got all the good genes or i need to hear your secrets. or both.

also, do you mean you cut your OWN bangs?!?! i clearly have a lot more to learn from you!

tell chris all that means is he should be doing all the putting-down-for-naps from now on. :) practice makes perfect!

merathon said...

i like your rule. also like the bangs-- but of course, you ALWAYS look cute, jenny!