Thursday, August 5, 2010


On our walk the other night, we walked past a mother with a baby in a stroller and a small toddler walking beside her. We had stopped on the sidewalk while Chris picked up some poop on the grass. I had Scout on the leash to the side of the sidewalk so that this family could walk by. Scout is pretty good with kids (except our nephew that she nipped) mostly because she is more scared of them than they are of her.

But this boy wasn’t scared at all. He walked right up to her and put his hand at her mouth. At first I thought he was just trying to pet her but had never learned that you don’t put your hand in front of a dog’s mouth. I told him “no” because his mother wasn’t paying attention. But then he walked back over to her and hit her on the nose, laughing. The poor dog just stood there.

Chris got angry and told the mother, “That’s how you get bit.”

I don’t think she really understood.

We moved our family to the other side of the street so that we wouldn’t have to walk past him again. Chris kept watching them as they passed a little girl with her parents. Apparently the boy hit her, too. It’s not just dogs that he has it out for.

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Kimba said...

i cannot understand these kind of parents. you're not doing your kid any favors!