Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random thoughts

Like me, my son loves to eat. He gets so excited to eat that he can’t stop smiling.

Like his father, he gets so distracted by my beauty that sometimes he can’t even focus on the task at hand.


This morning Chris made a confession.

Chris: There’s something I haven’t told you.

Me: What?

Chris: The cafeteria at the hospital sells containers of Blue Bell ice cream.

I would officially like to thank his meal points for my future dessert bliss.


Scrubs and Underwear: A Memoir

While sorting laundry a few months ago, I commented to Chris that all we have are scrubs and underwear. He thought that would make a great title for my future memoir.


I sure hope my life doesn’t boil down to those two things.


I tried to get back in the swing of things one morning this week by going for a jog. The first four minutes were feeling really great. Surprisingly. I haven’t run in about a year.

Then it got hot.

Then I couldn’t breathe.

I walked the rest of the way around the block, walked inside, and told Chris it was too hot.

Sadly, my legs were sore the next day.


merathon said...

i sure hope your life boils down to more than just scrubs and underwear too. how about scrubs, underwear, blue bell, and LOST?

i see a marathon in your future, jenny. baby steps. . .

Kimba said...

i don't think i did any sort of exercise of any kind until wyatt was a year. for reals. i'm impressed by your 4 minutes...

scrubs and underwear. love it.

and apparently i need to try this blue bell. everyone freaks out about it.

Kels said...


I was reading in the fitness magazine that its easier to increase the length of time running by walking and running. EX: walk 1 min run 1 min. Gradually increase until you reach your goal.