Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five Years

Today marks five years that Chris and I have been married. I remember when we were engaged and first married thinking that people who had been married five years must really have it figured out. I guess.

Here we were five years ago (and we thought we were tired then):


Four years ago (the paper anniversary—I made Chris a photo album of our first year; he made me paper flowers):

Imports 017

Three years ago (the cotton anniversary—we bought the clothes we are wearing in the picture):

Summer 2007 059

Two years ago (the leather anniversary—we “gave” each other a fake leather chair)


One year ago (the fruit and flowers anniversary—I got him some Juju fruits):


And, today (the wood anniversary--we didn’t even try):


It’s been a busy five years, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Here’s hoping that the next five years bring us more of everything (except weight….did anyone else notice my fat arm in this picture? It’s got to be carrying-the-baby-muscle, right?).


Erica and Dan Kiefer said...

cute fam, Jenny. Dan and I just finished five years, too. I guess we're all doing ok!

Erin said...

Cute pictures. I have never followed the anniversary gift guide thing. I love that you guys tried!

Kimba said...

it was an excellent day! so glad you two got married - we love you chris. :) hope you got to go out or something! or had some REALLY great takeout...

merathon said...

loved all those pics-- especially the reception one. i'm not even gonna make the joke for the fifth anniversary cuz it's way too easy...