Sunday, July 25, 2010

12 weeks is a trimester

Twelve weeks ago (yesterday), we welcomed Miles into our family, and I am happy to say that we have survived the “fourth trimester.” It truly is amazing how different he is now as an almost three month old—again this infant aging schedule is a little weird.

The biggest news is that we broke his addiction to the blow dryer about a week ago. We used my blow dryer for nap time an night time, usually only leaving it on for the first 15 minutes, but occasionally for an entire nap or the first hour of night-time. It truly was like a drug to him. As soon as we turned it on, his eyes would get droopy, and he would stop crying.  We still swaddle him to keep his arms from knocking his binkie out of his mouth, but someday he might experience true freedom with his hands out.

I think he is getting more consistent, but every time I say that out loud, he decides to cry for an hour before falling asleep. He is only waking up once at night, which I am really happy about. But my favorite new sleep development is the smiling I get when he wakes up instead of screaming.

And I know that I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure he is the cutest baby ever.


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Audrey said...

Hi Jenny, just stumbled upon your blog... I must agree, he is a very cute little guy. Congratulations to you guys.