Monday, September 24, 2012

Hannah: 1 month

I know, I know, I’m totally behind on this, but let’s remember that I am a mother of two these days. Meaning, I have way less time for anything that isn’t feeding, changing, bathing, shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc.

But I did have enough sense to take a picture of Hannah on her one month birthday. FYI—photo shoots with babies that’s don’t have any head control are very difficult.


And she wasn’t willing to give up the pacifier for this one. Mostly because Mommy was attempting this photo during naptime.

At one  month, Hannah was still a pretty laid back baby. I know by this age Miles was already requiring much more swaddling, shushing (i.e. loud white noise), and swinging to get him to sleep. Hannah is pretty content most times to sit in her chair, or in our arms, while life goes on around her. The biggest problem at this stage, she was such a loud grunter while she slept, which means I brought her into bed with me every morning in the pre-dawn hours.

And since she’s my second baby, I have far fewer pictures of her. There are lots on my phone, but I don’t feel like retrieving those because I’m not cool enough to understand how to use iCloud. But here are the few that I do have from her first month.