Wednesday, February 6, 2013

December 2012, Christmas

This was a wonderful Christmas for our family because we were able to spend it in our new home, and Chris was home for Christmas Eve night and all of Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve, we let Miles and Hannah open two presents: their ornaments and pjs. Miles was not pleased with that, so we picked another that we knew was a book from Chris’s parents. And he LOVES it. Like, we’ve read it EVERY day since Christmas.

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And I think Chris was super excited that I wasn’t laid up in bed with morning sickness this Christmas, so I could actually help play the part of Santa.

2012-12-24 21.45.54

And I think Santa did a really great job picking presents that Miles would like. He also wrapped some new boots and a wallet for me without even telling Chris that we was bringing them. That Santa is so great!

On Christmas morning, Miles got delayed playing on his road and then with every toy along the way. In fact, Hannah had to take a nap while Miles was still working his way through the presents.

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And then here’s the best picture we could get on Christmas Sunday.


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