Sunday, August 24, 2008

If you feed them, they will come...right?

We often watch a wide variety of birds hanging out in the trees behind our house. We thought it would be fun to get a bird feeder to bring them closer to the house. This will serve two purposes: 1. we get to enjoy some of God's creations up close, 2. it will drive our cat crazy! So yesterday we went to a store recommended by a friend and bought our first bird feeder.

However, we noticed that none of the birds were coming to eat our seeds. The man at the store recommended that we move the feeder closer to the trees for a while and then bring it back to the house once the birds were hooked. So that's what we did this morning before church.

But then we watched a large amount of birds flying in to what looked like one of our neighbor's back patio. This is what we saw:

How do we compete with that? Five feeders!!!! We're thinking sabotage.


The Jacksons said...

Ha ha ha ha! That is hilarious. Who puts five bird feeders in their yard? That is awesome.

~Ali said...

OOO, maybe put some gross bird food in your neighbors, so the birds will come to yours. :) Although, your neighbor may be doing you a favor so you can avoid bird poop on the porch.

Your place looks beautiful! I love all of the trees.

Kimba said...

Have they gone for hummingbirds yet? You should get like, 10 hummingbird feeders. Take THAT!