Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm sure Chris will hate me for this

This is a really weird post; be ye warned. Chris and I were sitting on the couch this evening--Chris had his feet next to me--and I noticed that his feet smelled a little. I didn't say anything because it was the end of the day, and I'm the first to recognize when my own feet smell. It's a natural thing. I just continued to sit there, but put the corner of my sweatshirt over my nose (ever so slightly).

There was no problem until he started to move his feet around as we were talking. Every time his toes touched me, I leaned away. I don't think this was very slight because he looked at me funny. So I told him that his feet smell.

Naturally, he tried to rub his feet all over me. I think he was trying to prove that they didn't smell. He also tried to convince me that if he took his socks off, the feet wouldn't smell. As if the socks were the ones making the stink, not the sweaty feet inside of them. I tried to explain this to him, but he wasn't having it.

Naturally, to prove his point, he proceeded to put the socks in his mouth. I think all that it proved was that my husband is a strange, strange creature.

And yes, he is an MD.

And yes, we have the debt to prove it.


Ashley said...

That sounds like something Drew would do. Gross!

~Ali said...

EEWWWWW... I hope he brushed his teeth really well.

Mulder said...

Actually, I'm not surprised by his smelly feet, or his willingness to stuff his mouth with his socks. In fact, I think he finds his foot in his mouth more than he thinks... maybe that's why it smells. :)Both my wife and I love your stories, thanks for sharing them with all of us out here, especially without the go-ahead from Chris! I need all the dirt can get on him! Merry Christmas guys!

Mindy said...

laughing. so. hard.