Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The universe works in mysterious ways

For the past three weeks, I have been teaching my freshmen about personal narratives. We read some examples, and then they were to write their own.

I gave them lots of time to practice in class. It was like pulling teeth.

Throughout the entire three weeks, I had been reminding them that all of our short practice assignments were to get them ready to write their own narrative. We worked together on choosing a topic, pre-writing strategies, and writing the rough draft. I told them over a week ago that their final narrative (typed, double spaced, etc.) would be due on Monday (yesterday). I also told them that I do no accept late work--I know, I'm so mean.

However, it is just amazing to me how many printers die, or run out of ink, or paper, or whatever the nigh before a large assignment is due. I feel sort of bad for them...but not really. I tried to explain to them that the universe has a way of making things like that happen when you decide to leave it until the very last minute.

Tough luck, I guess.

All of this reminded me of a Strong Bad email from many moons ago. Please check it out for a good laugh.



The Jacksons said...

Ha ha ha. You are funny. I have to say, I hate Strongbad.

Kimba said...

It is amazing, isn't it? Funny thing, sometimes The Universe works against Caleb too. "I was GOING to return the Comcast receiver three months ago, but....".

Well, your "but" is costing us an extra $20 a month.

I will return it tomorrow! I promise!

Two weeks later...the receiver still sits in his trunk.

(End of ridiculously long example)