Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not a snow bunny

We had some really good snow a few weeks ago, and although it wasn’t our first snow since moving here, it was the first one that Miles was fully prepared for; it took me a while to collect the essential gear. Side note: it’s really hard to find mittens in his size.

So after I shoveled the drive, I thought Miles might enjoy going out to play. I was wrong.


Just trying to figure out what to do.


Thinking maybe he should touch it.


Thinking that wasn’t a good idea. This kids hates things on his hands. In fact, he wouldn’t move until I wiped all of the snow off.


And no experience would be complete without a toddler tantrum, which only got worse when I made him go around to the garage before going inside.

He did seem to enjoy being pulled on his toddler-sized sled by Daddy, but because I was watching from the warmth of the kitchen, there are no pictures. But I’m sure we’ll have plenty more snow to come.

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