Friday, June 22, 2012

Papas and Popsicles

Chris was able to take off Father’s Day this year (meaning: he worked the night shift and woke up earlier than he would have liked to come to church with us), which means we were able to get a nice father/son photo shoot (meaning: Miles refused to let go of his truck or look at the camera). Strange to think that he’ll have to kids in his arms next year.


We had a nice time at church trying to meet new people in our new ward before we actually move next month. And then came home to grill some steaks and spend a nice quiet evening at home.

At since it was very hot, I thought it a fitting time to let Miles have his first popsicle. Yes, he’s two-years-old and had never had a popsicle.

It was love at first lick.


But then he felt that popsicles are better enjoyed while wandering around the yard with Ramone in hand (another favorite car for the day).


And then I think he knew that his face was messy. And this kid does NOT like mess.


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