Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Garden of the Gods

While Chris’s family was here, we wanted to do something unique to Colorado Springs. But since we had so many children on different nap schedules, we needed to keep it close and quick (relatively). So we decided to go walk around Garden of the Gods, promising that the trail is completely stroller friendly. But since Chris and I were probably somewhat sleep deprived, we might have guided the family to the parking lot that requires some walking on slightly rugged terrain . So here’s our caravan (except for me with my double stroller getting an intense workout):


Here’s Chris when he figured out that we were on the wrong trail. Classic Chris.


Here’s my son turning beet red and lagging behind (before I forced him into the stroller).


And here’s me and my adorable hubby.


Oh, Hannah was there too.


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JenRoth said...

You look amazing and your kids are adorable!! I'm so happy everything is going great for you guys!