Monday, December 24, 2012

Grandpa’s work party

Also in September, my parents invited us to my Dad’s work party that was held at a small amusement park in Golden that claims to be Colorado’s hidden gem. Although it was super hot that day, we thought Miles would enjoy some of the kiddie rides and being with Grandma and Grandpa.

The biggest problem with the day was that we were required to wear a paper bracelet that showed which group we were with. Not a problem for adults, but a big problem for a toddler. They would not let him ride anything unless he had it on. So this is what happened when Chris tried to put it around his ankle (thinking maybe Miles would notice it less) to ride his first carousel.


And then this is what happens when you try to squeeze an adult into a small airplane ride.


And then make him wait whil a mom and daughter in front of him take their sweet time getting on.


But Chris and Grandma were troopers taking Miles on all of his rides. Although her face looks like she is having fun, she said it was actually a really jerky train ride. Hence the tight hold she has on Miles.


Overall a pretty fun day, even if I just pushed the stroller around and took pictures of everyone else.

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