Saturday, March 16, 2013


We have really enjoyed watching Miles and Hannah interact more and more as she gets older. I especially love to listen to her squeal at him in the back of the car as he sings, or yells, or makes faces, or sometimes throws things at her. Every time I try to take a picture of Hannah, Miles insists on being in it, but he hasn’t really figured out how to sit still next to her and not look like a goof. But I’m looking forward to when they can play together all day and keep each other entertained. Like ALL day.


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Kimba said...

This has been one of my favorite things. June LOVES Wyatt, and he loves to sit down and play with her. I have to remind him often to be more soft and careful, he loves to lay her down and like, roll her onto him and roll around. She mostly doesn't mind, but I'm sure that will stop sometime. Now that she's crawling it'll be an entirely new world. As in, that first day she choked on a piece of wrapper he'd left on the floor. Such fun...