Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter 2013

As Miles gets older, we have noticed his memory gets longer and longer. (He still sometimes reminds me about the particular gifts that Santa brought him for Christmas). So holidays are starting to mean more and more in our little family. I had plans to do a really great lesson about the true meaning of Easter the week leading up to Easter Sunday, but life got in the way. I did watch some Bible videos with him on the computer that he still talks to me about, so its a step in the right direction.

We did decide to have the Easter Bunny come to our house on Saturday instead of Sunday. This might not always work because of Chris's schedule, but it did this year.

The Easter bunny actually did a really great job hiding the eggs instead of just placing them in plain sight where a toddler could find them.

I think he was pretty excited about the whole process while Hannah was pretty content to just hang out.

The baskets were found on the porch with the appropriate amount of things for little boys and baby girls. The Easter Bunny really felt like adding to much work to his busy week wasn't worth it.

And then I found these ears leftover from Miles first Easter and couldn't resist.

Hannah, 2013
Miles, 2011

I think cheeks run in our family.

Happy Easter!

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