Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here I am trying to write a quiz for my students to take on Friday (being so proactive because it's only Wednesday, after all), when I hear one of the cats throwing up. I immediately go running to find the culprit and attempt to move him to a non-carpeted area. I was too late. It was the kitten. Again.

We find cat vomit all the time. All the time, I say! The kitten (still unnamed) doesn't seem to understand that he isn't a stray anymore. It's like he lives by the feast-or-famine rule and always thinks that the food will someday disappear, and that he will be back on the streets scavenging. As such, he eats a lot. A lot, I say! And as such, he vomits.

He also wakes us up every morning about 15-30 minutes before my alarm goes off. Not cool.

The other one, Richard Parker, the eldest and so-called example for the kitten, continues to pee on my furniture. Two days ago, he peed on my quilt that was on the couch. Sorry Mom and Dad; I hope it doesn't smell when you use it in two weeks. And today, I stopped at Subway for dinner on my way home from the gym because Chris had a work thing he was going to and I really didn't want to eat another frozen dinner, and when I got home (ten minutes after Chris left), Richard Parker had peed on the couch. Again.

For those of you who don't know, this has been a problem for almost a year and a half. We have tried everything, including depression medication. At what point do I say, "That's enough"? (And yes, the question mark is supposed to be on the outside of the quotation mark because the statement inside is not a question, rather it is the whole sentence).

And all of this is on top of my already overwhelmed feeling from work. I bring it home everyday. I grade papers, plan lessons, agonize about their success, and worry about my job status for next year (last hired, first fired) all the time. I can't seem to relax.

And spring break is still over two weeks away!!!


I hope you have found my venting enjoyable. I just wish I had some ice cream. Maybe if I think really hard, Chris will sense my need and stop for some on his way home.

If you can hear me honey, Ben and Jerry's Half Baked.


The Jacksons said...

Sorry! I can't imagine cat vomit is any fun! I hope it gets better soon.
Being a teacher is tough work. I watch my mom do it everyday, and she always brings it home with her! That is a sign of a good teacher.
How lucky are you that you can eat ice cream and still look as good as you do?!

Erin said...

you are a better cat mommy than I am. I would have said "that's enough" over a year ago!

hang in there!

merathon said...

get rid of the cats, i say! (then again, i'm not really a good one to ask since me no likey the cats!) but seriously, it's bad enough when your kids puke-- i'd have no patience for animals doing it! you'll be a good mom someday! :)

Debbie said...

haha, I totally do that 'sense what I need you to bring home' thing... but i don' think it's ever worked.
i hope spring break can make up for it all!