Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Memoriam

Yesterday was a hard day for the Johnson family. After much consideration, and almost two years of trying to solve the problem in another way, we had Richard Parker put down. We have been battling a problem with him peeing on our futon and then our couch for some time. We tried all other ways to treat the problem--we took all advice people gave us--but to no avail.

Although we loved our baby dearly, we decided it was best to say goodbye. We adopted Richard Parker only a few months after we got married, so he has been with us through it all.

All craziness and agression aside, he was a good cat.

We loved him.

We miss him.


The Jacksons said...

Oh! That is so sad! Do you still have the other kitty? The one that has no name?

Reshma said...

Oh no! That's so sad...at least you have the kitten for some feline company (and hopefully, he stops throwing up all the time). Miss you guys!

~Ali said...

I'm sorry. That is so sad. :(

BTW- I am reading "The Life if Pi" Now I understand where the name came from. :)

Brekke said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope no name is helping.