Monday, June 8, 2009

My own virtual book club

I have decided, now that my summer is getting started, to update my readers on my current reads. I love to read (duh! I'm an English teacher), but don't have much time to do it for leisure during the school year. Today was the official last day with students, and I started celebrating over the weekend with my first book: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Kahled Hosseini. Loved it!

Chris was at work on Saturday, and I found myself without much to do, having cleaned the house the day before, and not having any papers to grade! So I ventured out to Costco to buy some cheap books. I bought two.

I try really hard to read the books slowly so that I don't spend tons of money over the summer on my hobby, but I am really not good at that. I started the book on Saturday evening and finished it today at work (the students were taking a test; I just had to sit there). I was riveted by this novel. So much better than The Kite Runner, if you read that one.

When Chris saw what I was reading yesterday, he was a bit confused because I hadn't really loved The Kite Runner. I had completely forgotten about that until he mentioned it. I have a hard time reading a book, or watching a film for that matter, where I am angry or annoyed with the protagonist the entire time. Just say something, dang it, and you wouldn't be carrying this much anguish all the time!!!! But, that might also make a good story--if I am so annoyed with the protagonist, it probably means the author has done a good job at getting my attention.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed this book; I was completely compelled by the story. I love stories that take me to a different place; that help me to understand a culture that I would otherwise would not know. I learned so much about the Afghan people and the struggle of the Afghan women over the past forty or so years. I loved how well the author was able to get inside the mind of women.

Overall, I would whole-heartedly suggest you read this book. Most people already have though. I was just a little behind the times.

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Erin said...

i haven't read that one. I'll add it to my ever growing list. Haven't had much time to read in the last several months. I miss it.
I have read 'water for elephants'. I see that it is on your side bar. I mostly loved it.
Oh and- LIBRARY. it's free. use it. save money.