Saturday, March 27, 2010


I tried to go to sleep. I kept trying for about an hour. The baby hiccuped. The baby rolled. I rolled. I readjusted. And, worst of all, I thought. And worried. And planned. And made LISTS. There was no hope for sleep once the mental lists got going. This is the price I pay for reading baby books before bed.

So here I am. Looking through my registry trying to decide which of the items still on there will need to be purchased before the baby is born and which items can wait until later. I also started a to-do list. And sadly, one of the items on my list is to make another list. I won't go into detail--just realize how sad that is.

Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks--leaving me only five short weeks to get all of these things done. And to make it worse, Chris will be starting a very busy and exhausting rotation on Thursday, so anything I really want his help on will need to be in the next few days. Oh wait, he is working nights until then...making it hard to get anything done. Great.

I've managed to put a lot of things off until this last little stretch because I kept telling myself that "there's time." Well, there isn't much left, so I better get started. For instance, maybe it would be a good idea to have a list of names picked out for when we go to the hospital. We have a "list" of about 30 names...not very helpful. We're not going to the hospital with one of each because we truly feel that we won't be able to really choose a name until we meet the child, but less than 30 would be a good idea, right?

But the most important question that we need to answer before we have this baby is...what should the birth song be? If you know my husband at all, you know just how big of a deal this is. We are currently leaning toward "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen, but I have my hang-ups about how deceptive that song is. It sounds all happy and upbeat, but the lyrics are really quite sad...I actually use it in the classroom to talk about the dark side of the American Dream. Maybe if we can just play the chorus on repeat. What better way to enter the world than by listening to The Boss scream the location of your birth--just in case you thought perhaps it was Mongolia or something.


Ryan & Ashley said...

Yeah- your birthing song selection sounds much better than ours. Sadly, Destiny's Child and Linkin Park were on our lists :) You look great! So excited for you!!!

merathon said...

beatles-- all you need is love. done.

what else can i help you check off your list? seriously.

Playfully Prissy said...

Just wanted to say hello. It has been a while. I am so excited for you and your new little one coming soon! As for all the stuff to do with Chris being so busy, get the help of your girlfriends in RS and the sisters.I know I would love to help you if I were still there.
Take care!

The Jacksons said...

First off, I don't want there to be a birthing song. The end.
And second, you crack me up. Turns out, I miss you. Bring your baby and come see me this Summer!

~Ali said...

Birth song? What is a birth song?

I'm so excited for you to have the baby!! Don't feel bad. I didn't do one thing about my first baby until I was about 35 weeks. I think denial played a part in that a little (but I'll never tell elle that.)

I hope you are doing well and can't wait to see the little one!

Brekke said...

I totally thought this was going to be a movie review.

Well, just get used to the nights up. That's how it will be for a while.

I like the Beatles suggestion for the song. I'm not much of a Boss fan myself.

jessi said...

I had to comment (yes, I'm a habitual blog-stalker, lol) on this post! First of all - I, too, make lists for my lists, lol. As for the birth song - I didn't have a particular song picked out for Norah's delivery, but I did want music and had created a 'labor list' on itunes. However, when I finally asked Justin to get me the itouch (I was about 8 cm) to help distract me - he'd forgotten to upload the labor list and instead Guns-N-Roses (Don't Cry) started playing. Priceless. After a good laugh (kind of... I was a little preoccupied), I had to scrap the music idea. Hopefully you'll have a better experience in that area, lol. My aim for this pregnancy is to download some comedy routines... We'll see if laughter really is the best medicine. :)

How about Fu De Fa Fa, or Part Time Model? (Or pretty much any song by Flight of the Conchords?) Let your little one know you've got a sense of humor right off the get-go. :)

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