Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Birthday Wish

I told Chris that the only thing I truly wanted for my birthday this year was to leave the house for dinner. My wish was granted.

We loaded everything up (including Miles) and went to qdoba (really fancy). I just wanted a quick dinner out of the house. He of course started crying during dinner (and as soon as I sat down to write this entry), but we were prepared with a fresh bottle so that I could actually eat the food in front of me.

Chris got me an assortment of DVDs to watch since I spend so much time nursing Miles in front of the TV. What a great husband!

By the way, this entry has been sitting unfinished for over a week now. As it turns out, Miles takes a lot of my time.

I am currently enjoying the company of my parents. Lots of pictures to come.


Kimba said...

he is so sweet, jenny! and way to get out of the house, i was like a hermit for weeks. i remember one day, a good 3 weeks after having him, where i thought ya know? i could actually go to the living room. i don't HAVE to stay in the bedroom...

it sounds ridiculous, but it was like a revelation!

merathon said...

seriously-- can't believe how big he's already gotten! he looks huge in that picture. . . you must be servin' up pure butta!

Ken and Kelly said...

your baby is soooo freakin cute I cant wait for ours to come home