Thursday, May 20, 2010

On Being a Mom

Tired. So very tired. All of us. Even Miles. But he doesn't want to sleep at night. We do. He doesn't. He wants to be held. We want to sleep on our sides or stomachs, not our backs because he is on our chests. He wants to eat. He just ate. Literally just ate. I just finished feeding him 15 minutes ago. He is not hungry. He thinks he is hungry. He is not hungry.

Adorable. So very adorable. In the 20 days he has been in our family, he has grown so much. He almost fits into all of his "newborn" clothes. Almost.

Fat. So very fat. The scale doesn't show how big I really feel. Haven't seen the gym since November. Flabby. And pale. When can I take him to the pool? Tanned fat looks better than pale fat. None of my pre-pregnancy pants fit me. Yet. Need to go shopping. How much can I get done in Miles' 45 minute feeding break? Target?

Happy. So very happy. All of us.


Kimba said...

Oh Jenny! He's so adorable! Have you tried the binki yet? :) I know, I know. People will try to frighten you, but I have NEVER heard anyone say their baby was confused. That's the end of my story. :)

So adorable. Also? It took me EONS to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. :) Don't think about that yet.

The Jacksons said...

You crack me up! It does get easier! But I am glad you are all so happy! :)

Erin said...

It gets better, I promise. It doesn't feel like it now but this phase goes by quickly which is kind of a blessing!

Brekke said...

You are doing awesome, I'm sure. And you can totally do Target in that amount of time. Just say good-bye to the dressing room. Take it home try it on and if it doesn't fit, you get a second outing.