Sunday, June 27, 2010

2,4,6,8 (otherwise known as a really long post about Miles)


Because I am not a scrapbook-er or journal-er (the last entry in my journal came when I was 18 weeks pregnant), I must use this blog for those purposes. What that means is that you will have to read about stuff that is super important to me, but not so important to you. Well I guess you don’t have to read it, but I like the idea of people out there that just can’t get enough of my writing. Even if there are only five of you. Or none. Whatever.

Miles is 8 weeks old today—okay, yesterday, but I was too tired last night to write this-- (but not two months until next Thursday…confusing) and is growing like a weed. (Side note: why are the weeds growing better than the flowers in my garden right now?) I wish that I had done more blogging in the past two months, but I was enjoying my time with Miles—for the most part.

So instead of always wishing I had done more blogging, I will just do it all in this post and never look back. Except when I read this post.

At 2 weeks:


We were all in the mist of sleep deprivation; except Miles who managed to sleep all day. Chris and I were figuring it out together even though he went back to work after one week. Miles wasn’t doing much but eating and sleeping. Surprises in this stage? When they say that the baby will eat every two hours, they don’t mean from end time to start time, they mean from start time to start time. This meant that he ate for 45 minutes to an hour, leaving me only one hour to get anything done.

At 4 weeks:

clip_image002                             clip_image003

Miles started sleeping at night—meaning it no longer took 45 minutes to get him to fall asleep after being fed. This was a great relief because Chris was out of town for a week at a conference, and as much as she offered, I refused to wake up my mom to help me. Also during this week, Miles started smiling, kind of. They were the type of smiles that I wasn’t quite sure were directed at anything or anyone in particular.

Over the next week and a half, I got lots of smiles that Chris refused to believe were actual smiles.

At 6 weeks:


Chris’s family came into town at six weeks for Miles’s blessing at church. On the blessing Sunday, Chris was giving Miles a bath when I heard him say, “He smiled at me!” Now he believed me. Miles was a pretty good baby when everyone was in town, but I could tell that he was over stimulated. Week 6 is supposed to be the peak of fussiness and crying, and it was. He just needed to be held a lot (especially to fall asleep for naps).


I do lots of baby wearing so as to not hear lots of crying. Pretty sure this could be an ad for the Moby (best baby gear purchase I made).

At week 8:


Miles is  a great baby (except that I have created a baby that needs to be rocked to sleep all the time). He is smiling much more when he sees me and Chris. He lets me put him down on his back alone on the floor for much longer before he needs to be picked up. Mostly.

I am loving motherhood. It all seems very natural to me, and I am thriving more than surviving these days (see previous for comparison). Don’t get me wrong, I was a good teacher, but I never felt that it was my calling like many of my colleagues did. But I feel that way about being a mom.  I guess that’s a good sign.

We’ll see how I feel after Chris finishes this string of six nights in a row. Fun. For all of us.


Kimba said...

so fun to read this, jenny! i'm so glad he's sleeping better, it's so strange to see what a difference a few weeks makes. and i totally know what you're talking about with work / motherhood. i didn't finish school of course, and was only doing admin, but when people asked me what i was most excited for (re: the baby) my first thought was to NOT be working. :) and afterward, i feel the same thing. i can't imagine not being at home with wy all day, and love it. i only wish we lived closer! also, loved your moby recommendation...i didn't love my sling and have been on the lookout for a new one for round two. (not an announcement)

long enough? sorry. :) so happy for you three! and seriously - cutest guy ever!

~Ali said...

That is the only reason why I blog - scrapbooking my kids. I expect it to be quite boring for most people and never expect people to actually look at my blog. But, I like to look at yours and see your cute baby.

I am a true believer in carrying and holding your baby as much as you can. I think I might have to get the moby. It looks better than the sling I have.

Erin said...

Miles is one handsome baby! I am glad things are getting easier for you. With my first I felt every day was better and more fun then the last.. until about 20 months. The terrible two's started early with that one!

merathon said...

wow-- i totally wasn't feeling like a natural after just 8 weeks! i'm glad there are people out there who DO! in that last picture, he is looking a lot like chris! miss you guys!