Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Impromptu Fall Photo Shoot

I promise that I am also planning on doing an entry with more words than pictures, but I couldn’t resist putting these adorable pictures up first.

As I was driving home from Costco today, I noticed a very nice little patch of green grass with beautiful fall leaves, and I immediately knew I needed to get some pictures. No, I do not drive around with our camera in the car. Chris and I went back later after running some errands. I later realized I should have put Miles in his “My First Thanksgiving” outfit since we aren’t really having a Thanksgiving this year, but oh well.

And I also know that I should be adjusting colors in Photoshop since we really only use our fancy camera as a point-and-shoot, but we haven’t gotten around to loading the program on this computer.

November 2010 003

Proof that he can sit up with out his hands on the ground (he fell over about three seconds later).

November 2010 018

The most sure way to get him to smile? Sing a song. I believe this one was my warm-up song from 8th grade choir: “Mama made me mash my M&Ms.”


Kimba said...

so cute!!

i still don't tinker with my photos...i just don't get it. :)

Erica and Dan Kiefer said...

such a cutie! great fall pics Jenny! Happy Thanksgiving, even though your'e not having one for some reason?