Thursday, November 25, 2010

A list of today’s blessings

I’m grateful that Miles took a really long morning nap so that I could as well.

I’m grateful that Chris agreed to go on our own little Turkey Trot when I know he just wanted to sleep.

I’m grateful for Boston Market’s Thanksgiving feast.

I’m grateful that Miles took a really long afternoon nap so that I could clean my carpets.

I’m grateful for my Dyson.

I’m grateful for my steam vacuum.

I’m grateful for two great pets that keep me company.

I’m grateful for my family that Skyped me from their dinner table (especially my sister who was eating one of their THREE pies in front of me).

I’m grateful for my in-laws who called to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving because they knew their son was at work.

I’m grateful for Gerber’s canned turkey so that Miles could have a feast of his own, and that I didn’t have to puree it myself. Even if it smelled like dog food.

I’m grateful for Healthy Choice frozen dinners.

I’m grateful for Diet Coke. More than I can say.

I’m grateful for Jeopardy. And saved episodes of Glee that I can re-watch.

I’m grateful for a husband that works so very hard for our family.

I’m grateful for my testimony in a loving Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ.

And of course, I’m grateful for the blessing of raising one of His precious children.

And…I’m pretty sure I’m grateful for the cookies I’m thinking about making.

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Kimba said...

you are so good to go running! i woke up all sick and didn't even feel like a WALK. i'm glad you were able to skype! happy thanksgiving! i was thinking of you, knowing chris was working. (i woulda commented earlier but we didn't have internet). love you!