Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miles: 8 months

Note: these entries may not be interesting to anyone but me, but this is how I am planning on journaling this phase of life. Sorry.

Turning 8 months old is a pretty great way to start the new year, if you ask me, which you pretty much did by reading my blog.  Yesterday we said goodbye to the year of Miles and hello to the year of unknowns. Don’t get me wrong, Miles will still be a pretty big part of 2011, but it’s not his birth year anymore, making it open for whatever else wants to come our way (i.e. a new job, home, etc.).

This past month seems to be the month that Miles has changed the  most since he was born. But I’m pretty sure I think that every month. Although he could sit up at 7 months, he is way more comfortable sitting up now and can do it for much longer without getting tired and fussy. He sometimes still cries when he falls over, but that’s mostly when he is close to nap time.

Christmas 2010 056

His favorite toys happen to not be toys. TV remotes, computers, and phones. I usually give him my phone, but as of yesterday that must stop. He let bite marks. He peeled some of the shiny stuff off (probably swallowed it). Tonight I pulled out the TV remote that we don’t use and gave it to him for his very own. He was very excited.

Oh, that’s the other major thing. He has teeth. His two bottom teeth are up. I noticed them about three weeks ago when he bit my finger one morning. He wasn’t too fussy, though, which is nice. He has since bit other body parts. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Over Christmas I started giving him cheerios. He seems to really love them. And they seem to keep him happy. A new great tool for church and restaurants.

He is still napping really well, and in the past week or so has started to drop his late afternoon nap. Sometimes this means he is a little fussy around our dinnertime, but it’s nice to have a longer stretch in the afternoon/evening to get some errands done if I need to. He is not sleeping through the night. In fact, he is still consistently waking up twice. I would try to stop nursing him both times, but he seems to nurse so much better at night. He just can’t be bothered to nurse well during the day—too many other things to see and do. Hence the biting. I think I read somewhere that I can stop feeding him overnight at 9 months, so I’ll wait until we see the pediatrician next month to make sure I’m not starving him.

He is eating solids much better now, too. He still love avocados (much to Chris’s dismay), but will eat anything I give him. We are about to start some more meats and beans to make sure he is getting enough protein, so we’ll see how that goes.

Chris has decided that Miles is officially fun now. He has developed a personality and enjoys playing with his Daddy, which is all Chris cares about. I’ve noticed that Miles is quite a flirt, especially during church. He loves to smile at whomever is sitting behind us, even if they don’t smile first. He seems to really enjoy going to class because he things the teacher is talking only to him.

Christmas from Dad 030 

I’m still loving being home with him. I’m about to start teaching online for North Carolina, so I’m a little worried that it will be harder for me to juggle my schedule, but I’m sure we’ll work it out.


Kimba said...

wyatt didn't sleep until 8.5 months, and i read the 9 mth mark as well. hopefully soon! i think wy was still doing that, up around midnight and 4 - 5ish until he suddenly stopped. and it will be amazing!!

he is sooo dang cute, and i sorta think the 9 mth age is my favorite, or at least, that's when i started to say that all the time. :)

merathon said...

so glad to hear that chris can have fun with miles now! :) i knew that day would finally come!