Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day

Early Monday morning, the snow moved in to the Charlotte area; this wasn’t the first snow of the season for the area, but since we were in Texas for the first go-round, this was the first snow for Miles. Luckily, I thought ahead and picked up a winter coat for him on consignment over the weekend. I just didn’t see the point of buying him a jacket that he will only wear for the next couple of months especially since it won’t fit him next year.

When Chris came home from work, we took the obligatory first snow picture. And since we don’t have a tripod, there always has to be more than one picture.

Snow Day 005

Scout always wants to be near me in pictures, but we can’t get her to understand the concept of facing the camera.

Snow Day 009

Miles will face the camera, but isn’t sure if he should smile when he hears me talking to him when he can only see the big, black thing in front of my face.

Snow Day 010

The dog really enjoyed the snow. And Miles really enjoyed watching her run.

Snow Day 021

And then I just really liked this next picture.

Snow Day 016

Later that night, the snow turned to freezing rain so that everything had a thick layer of ice on it the next morning. Chris had to take my car because his has a hard time making out of our neighborhood on ice, which means I haven’t left the house in several days. But today the ice is all melted, so maybe we’ll venture to the grocery store. Yippee!

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merathon said...

so i forgot to ask you today-- how much snow did you actually get? it really does look like quite a bit!