Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miles: 9 months

January 002

No, he is not crawling. In fact, until about a week ago that he didn’t seem all that interested in crawling at all. He was perfectly content to sit on the ground or lay on his back playing with toys. But then he started to notice that there were other toys that were just out of reach that were, in fact, cooler than the one in his hand. But rather than moving his way to the toy, he would cry for me to give it to him.

And then he REALLY started rolling around. Yes, he has been able to roll for a while, but this past week has been totally different. Let’s just say that I vacuum a lot more now because he ends up in every corner of the room. Oh, and I also vacuum just in case someone decides that they want to come look at our house. Never going to happen.

In attempts to crawl, he will get up on his hands and knees, but then takes a nosedive to the ground. Luckily, most times it doesn’t end in a crying session. But sometimes it does.

January 2011 031

In the past month we also added a high chair. We had been feeding him in his Bumbo chair sitting on the counter, but he started to get too wriggly. So now he gets strapped in. This picture was while Chris was feeding him some Butternut squash. Those pesky hands are always rubbing food everywhere.

Like I mentioned yesterday, Miles has had a cold/cough for over a week now; I am hoping this is why he is acting more fussy, but I’m starting to think that he is just more clingy. I get emails from a website every week to let me know what my baby should be going, and they seem to be saying that this is the time when my baby might be feeling a bit of separation anxiety. The problem is that Miles is never separated from me. He just wants to be held. Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE to snuggle my baby on the couch for 30 minutes before naptime—it’s just that occasionally there are other things I need to be doing.

But I would do anything for this face:

January 2011 010

Even if it means getting less done. You know what they say, less is more.

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The Jacksons said...

He is pretty dang cute.