Saturday, February 26, 2011

The progression of a crawler

Let’s start by looking at what Miles thought of crawling 5 days ago. He mostly would get to all fours and then start crying for someone to come pick him up. At this point, he also tried some baby yoga with an attempt at a downward dog.

And then 3 days ago, he decided that it might not be so bad to actually move forward. But not too far. He was super slow and stopped as soon as he reached his objective.

And since then, has gotten a little braver and a little faster. So far he has made it to the dog dishes in the kitchen, to the shoe basket by the front door, to the cable box and dvd player in the entertainment center, and in his baskets on the bookshelf.

I’m excited that he is crawling but also dreading it just a tiny bit. How am I supposed to shower now? I can’t just put him down on the floor and expect him to be there when I get out 10 minutes later. How am I supposed to sit in one spot while he is playing? I’m pretty sure this means I will be spending less time on the computer during the day and more time following him around.

But I’m really glad that he is happier. He was getting so frustrated with wanting to get to things but not being able to get there. He spent a lot of time screaming at me to come get him.

And somehow in the last few days, my baby has turned into a boy.


Kimba said...

so cute! isn't it insane how one day they're totally different kids?

i think i showered during wyatt's am nap. my real wake up call was when he dropped the nap. then i turned to sesame street and door locks. :)

merathon said...

chris, you're so MEAN! :) i love how Scout was getting in on the action!

Emma said...

Very cute! I love how he crawls past all of his toys to get to the remote!

Erin said...

It happens so fast, huh? He'll be walking before you know it!

I love the end of the last video when he is looking back and forth at you and Chris and then smiles. Such a cute boy!