Sunday, June 26, 2011

So...I guess we've moved

And I say, "I guess," because Chris and the dog are still in North Carolina, our stuff is somewhere in transit (hopefully), and Miles, myself, and the cat are temporarily staying with my parents. But we closed on our Charlotte house last Thursday, so that's not our home anymore. We're pretty much homeless for the time being. And because Chris sold Willie (the '97 Civic that he drove for 11 years), we trully don't have any assets to our name. But we do have plenty of debts.
I have so many great little stories about the move process so far, but not the energy to write it. I need to go back and blog about some other things first, you know, like Chris graduating from his residency after three years. No biggie.
Suffice it to say, everything is in flux right now. Including nap times.

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Jennie said...

It occured to me when I was talking the other day to someone that we are homeless as well. So strange.