Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dr. Christopher Nathan Johnson, M.D. (for reals this time)

In an attempt to catch up, let’s start with Chris finishing his Emergency Medicine residency at Carolinas Medical Center after three, long, hard years.

Now allow me a moment to talk about how awesome my  husband is.

Because he’s pretty awesome.

When I met Chris at the end of his (super) senior year at BYU, he had already been accepted to Baylor for medical school and knew he wanted to specialize in Emergency Medicine. This was literally the first time I had dated a boy that was actually more of a man. And I don’t mean in age, but I mean by his actions and plans and purpose and goals….etc. I actually remember having a conversation with him at Dairy Queen in Provo in which he expressed his desire to go into a field that allowed him to challenge himself and to provide for a future family. Pretty sure my heart melted right there.

After dating for only a few short weeks, Chris moved back to Texas and began school shortly thereafter. And since then, he has worked and worked and worked to get where we are today. I’m actually glad that we weren’t married (and not even dating for some of it) during his first year of school because that was by far his busiest time. He and his study partners often studied well past dinner time. And during the three years of medical school that we were married, he worked very hard to prepare himself to become a doctor while still being active in his church duties and being an excellent husband to boot.

And in the three years of residency, he worked even harder to make sure that he was doing everything he could to learn as much as possible to be the best doctor he could be. He often came home from long hours at the hospital only to spend more time studying at home. And as a chief and father in his last year, it was definitely challenging for both of us, but I’m happy to report that we came out of it alive.

Since arriving in Colorado, it has been great to see how happy he seems to be with the knowledge that we are done with the hardest part of his career (hopefully) and are now moving toward a new chapter far different than anything we have known so far.

But I wouldn’t want to do with anyone else.

And now I better become a true trophy wife.


JenRoth said...

I'm so excited for both of you!! We head to Tennessee at the end of this month for my husband to start his four years of optometry school. I know it will be tough, but seeing you guys enjoying the end result makes me even more excited!

Kimba said...

yeah!!! i can't even imagine the relief, for both of you. best doctor ever! and what's this i hear about maybe not coming? better be a horrid rumor.....

merathon said...

you've always been a trophy wife, jenny!