Monday, August 29, 2011


I haven’t been a very good blogger lately. Not that I was ever an excellent blogger, but better perhaps. Summers are lazy for me, even if it’s no different than any other time of year, as far as scheduling goes at least. We still do the same things now that we usually do. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Play. Shop. Eat lunch. Nap. Eat again. Play some more. Bed.

The only real difference has been that I have started to exercise regularly now at an actual gym where I get to drop of Miles for up to 2 hours. At first I felt a little guilty leaving him there while I worked out and then showered (without a toddler getting in to everything while I am otherwise engaged), but over time I realized it was good for both of us. He gets some socialization, and I get to actually work out without interruption.

We have also started to go on some hikes around town because the weather is actually pleasant, you know, no oppressing humidity making your sweat sweat.

I also spend a great deal of time doing very important things on the computer that don’t involve blogging. Like looking at houses that I can’t move into. Or decorations that I will never own (or make myself).

But I have set a new goal to blog everyday in September. Why? Just to get in the habit again. So consider this a warm-up.

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