Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miles: 16 months

I’ve been trying really hard to pretend that I still have a baby, but it gets harder day by day. I think it’s time to admit that my Miles is officially a toddler. He definitely toddles around a lot. A lot. He has been busy since he could crawl, but not that he has mastered running, he doesn’t stop (unless he’s sick).

I took him to the doctor this week for his 15 month check-up (a little late, I know), but he is officially middle of the pack on the growth curve (finally).  Although I feel like the big bulk of his growth has happened in his belly. Many of his shirts turn into belly shirts, and let’s be honest, that’s not attractive on a boy.


(This is what I found him doing when I got out of the shower the other day.)

But while at the doctor, they gave me a survey to fill out that’s supposed to be done at 14 months to see how your child is developing. As it turns out, I have neglected to observe behaviors during the day. Like if he can stack blocks on top of each other. To be honest, when he plays with his blocks, it mostly involves Chris building a tall tower while trying to keep Miles from touching it until it is completely done. Then Miles knocks it over. Or how about the question about his ability to hold a spoon. Well, yes, he can hold a spoon. But do I let him? No. I don’t want to be giving baths three times a day. Bad mom, I know. Or the question about coloring. Was I supposed to be teaching him to color? Oops.

It’s amazing to me how quickly he picks up on things now though. He learned the sign for “more” in one day this week. He learned the sign for “ball” while pointing at one hanging at a restaurant over and over again. We know he understands a lot of words: Mom, Dad, dog, cat, ball, milk, banana, flower, tree, airplane, truck, train, more, bite, take/bring, kiss, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Steve…and I’m sure more. But what does he say? Dada, or more specifically, “Dad-n.”

I’ll admit it: he LOVES his Daddy more than he loves me. Probably because Daddy plays music and dances with him more than I do. I keep meaning to get this on video, but whenever Chris puts on any song by The Killers, Miles lights up, lifts up his arm, and starts dancing. So cute. He actually points to the stereo when he wants a dance party.


But this child also has a very serious side. Like when he is trying to put things inside of an empty Diet Coke box.



And as observant as this child is of the world around him, he sometimes misses the big picture. You know, because that speck on the floor is way cooler than the otter behind him.


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