Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey, remember me, the girl who pledged to blog everyday in September but just skipped three days in a row? Well, I’m back and with no good reason why I didn’t blog. Unless you count that I just didn’t feel like it. But because Live Writer lets me set my own publication date (even if it has already passed), none will be the wiser.

So let’s pretend that it is Saturday night and I just got back home after my first real date since our anniversary in July.

Chris and I just paid our first babysitter ever. Yes, after nearly 17 months. In Charlotte we just did swaps with friends since we didn’t go out often; and since we’ve moved here, we used my mom once, but that’s it. So we decided to hire on of the scribes that Chris works with in the hospital, but because I was worried about what Miles would do with a stranger, we had her come over right before bedtime to meet the little man but didn’t leave until after we put him down. But next time, she’s on her own.

Especially because we paid her $10 an hour to watch TV.

And she drives a nicer car than we do.

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