Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We be jammin’

Yesterday was our second music class with Miles, and it went much better than last week. Both for Miles and the photographer.

Last week we had a bit of a hard time because Miles would have a meltdown every time we had to put away something that he loved (i.e. the egg shakers, the scarves, the instruments), but this week we were able to distract him enough during the transitions so that he didn’t realize what was happening.

His favorite part of the entire class is instrument free time, otherwise known as a jam session.

004 edit

I know he doesn’t look excited, but he truly was. He just kept switching from instrument to instrument which sometimes meant that he stole them from the boy whose striped sleeve you see. And it was so cute to see him figure out how each one worked.


And then do it wrong.


I say he’s a boy prodigy, you know, because the future of drumming definitely involves turning it upside down.

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