Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It’s like Hollywood up in here

And because I forgot to blog yesterday, here is a second one for today.

I spotted a celebrity at the gym. Not sure what he is doing in Colorado Springs, but he’s here. Probably because every show I have seen him on has been canceled. And because I don’t even know his name, perhaps he can’t be considered a celebrity. Maybe D-list. Or perhaps F.

But thanks to IMDB, I can tell you all about him. Except that it doesn’t say a whole lot.

Meet Nate Torrance. He’s from Canton, Ohio. He was in some commercials and some failed shows, including one of my favorites, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.”

Nate Torrence Picture

And I did try to take a picture of him at the gym with my phone, but I felt kind of foolish and invasive. Here’s the best I got.


I promise it’s him.

Not that anyone cares.


merathon said...

i totally remember that guy from the capital one and enterprise commercials! then he was on that show Mr. Sunshine... that got cancelled. poor guy. you should have struck up a conversation to find out what's in the works...

Brekke said...

I just saw a show with him in it. Didn't he used to be the HEB guy?