Monday, September 5, 2011

We only semi-labored today

It being Labor Day today, we did what every family does: checked off items on our to-do list. Oh, is that not what everyone does? It was Chris’s intention to get up early to go see the balloon festival this morning, but I wasn’t keen on the idea of getting up that early, or more accurately, of waking up Miles that early. Perhaps we should have done it anyway because Miles decided to wake up at 6:15. Then we thought we would go for a morning hike, but it was that weird temperature between too cold and just right. So we sat around watching The Today Show in which their C-list anchors hosted. Then we figured we might as well just go run all of the errands that were piling up: REI to exchange our kid carrier, the mall to remove an alarm sensor from a sweater Chris bought in Utah, Kohls to replace Chris’s sunglasses that Miles destroyed (and pick up my first pair of skinny jeans…not quite jeggings though), and Target to pick up a whole plethora of items (including sunglasses because after summer is over, Kohls doesn’t think that men need sunglasses).

During naptime my sister’s family did stop by on their way home from hiking near us, and I’m pretty sure the kids were bothered that we wouldn’t wake up Miles to play with them. But like I said, I’m not real keen on waking him up if I don’t have to.

And since Miles ended up sleeping until 4:30, we decided that an evening hike would be a perfect time to test out our new backpack. We went up a canyon 15 minutes from our door to hike up Mt. Cutler. It is an easy hike, but has gorgeous views of mountains and the entire city.


Is there anything that could make this view better?



We tried to get a family shot, but the camera battery gave up the ghost right as a nice hiker was about to snap it. So far, we are loving living near the mountains with such beautiful weather. Thing's that we missed living in Houston and Charlotte. Don’t get me wrong, each of those places had things that we loved. Houston had excellent food, in fact, we still crave Chuy’s. and Charlotte had wonderful seasons (just a bit too humid for my taste), but we are excited to become Coloradoans or Coloradans…never have decided how to say that.


Kimba said...

i don't think i can go back to anything but skinny jeans. and i was so against them! and? i bought jeggings at ann taylor. loooove them. like wearing comfy sweat pants to a fancy dinner!

merathon said...

can't wait to see the skinny jeans! i'm still not brave enough...

can't believe that gorgeous place is just 15 minutes from your house!