Friday, September 16, 2011

Why my car is really dirty tonight

The thing we love most about Colorado, and specifically where we are in Colorado Springs, is the proximity to beautiful mountains; well, that and the fact that there is almost no humidity in the air. Today we decided to take a mountain drive through Pike National Forest, which was about 15 minutes from our front door.

And about 3o minutes from our front door, we made it to “Make-Out Reef,” at least that’s what the spray paint on one of the rocks said. We did NOT make-out while we were there.


That’s downtown way down there.

Where’s Miles, you say?

Doing this:


He did wake up when he realized that Daddy was snapping pictures.


And as we continued driving up, we saw the first signs of Autumn on the Aspens and decided that we will be making this drive again in a few weeks.


Chris’s original plan was to get out and walk/hike to the reservoir, but when we realized that we didn’t have the carrier or warm enough clothes for Miles, we turned back around so that Miles could stretch his legs back at Make-Out Reef. I did inform him that this will be his ONLY trip there. EVER!

But who needs kissing when you have huge rocks? A little boy’s dream.


And a bunch of little rocks to show off.


He was so excited that he just couldn’t keep that drool in his mouth. Either that or he is getting three molars at the same time.


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merathon said...

aren't you glad you bought that sweatshirt? miles' shirt looks pretty darn cute too. but where is Chris' new sweater? patrick can't wait to be twins!