Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling slowly


As I mentioned before, after we took our previous mountain drive, we knew we would be headed back up once the leaves changed. This week and the next are the peak for colors in the high country near our house, so we packed up and headed out this morning for a long drive around the backside of Pikes Peak.

Of course we needed our camera to make sure we got some great shots of leaves, as seen here:


But I was more interested in finding a spot for a family portrait, as seen here:


I kept trying to turn the camera onto the manual mode so that I could learn how to take better pictures. Unfortunately, when you have no idea how to adjust any settings and you are in the middle of the mountains, you just put it back into Auto mode. Some day.

So when I got home, I started fiddling with Photoshop to adjust some colors and shadows, but quickly realized that you can’t read entire help book in one sitting. So here’s the best I got:

068_edit copy

I think it looks a little better than it did before.

The drive was absolutely beautiful! And long. Miles, as per usual on a drive over 45 minutes, took a nap at an unusual time. Which means he didn’t nap at all once we got home. I left him in his crib during the time it took me to clean all of the mountain from the outside of my car and the goldfish/cheerios/dog hair from the inside of my car.

And since Chris had to leave at about 4:15 for work leaving me alone with a non-napper, I decided to let the lovely young ladies at my gym deal with him during the witching hour.  This might be the best thing I have ever done!


Jennie said...

The family pictures are beautiful!!!

Kimba said...

gorgeous!!! the leaves and you guys. jenny, yer lookin' hot as usual. :)