Monday, September 19, 2011

Why today is my favorite day of the year

Two words: fall lineup.

In fact, I’m having a hard time focusing on this post because I am watching the season premier of “How I Met Your Mother.” And as far as I can tell from my DVR list, I’ve got a follow-up episode coming up right after this.

Embarrassing story time. When Chris and I were first married, we didn’t yet have DVR because TV had always been a background part of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I watched my fair share of “Friends” in college (well, until it ended) and occasionally “Dawson’s Creek” (although I’m not proud of that), but this was before the world of DVR or Tivo. If I wasn’t home to watch something, then I didn’t watch it. And I know Chris made a specific arrangements to be home on Thursday nights for “ER” (not surprising), but that was pretty much it.

But as time went by, we realized that we were actually planning our social calendar around our  shows. Pathetic. So we upgraded to DVR service. And it revolutionized our lives!

And now that I find myself at home more often (something to do with that adorable sleeping boy downstairs), I find my nightly TV to be so rewarding.

And then summer comes along and totally ruins everything.

So tonight is the start of a beautiful reunion with old friends. And of course some new friends. But in past experience, I should just wait until a new show gets renewed for a third season before I pour my heart and soul into it. Or maybe even a fourth season.

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