Tuesday, September 6, 2011


While Miles and I were grocery shopping this afternoon, he kept pointing at all of the balloons hanging over the floral department, and I thought it would be a bad idea to get him one of those since he would probably just let go of it; and if I tied it to his wrist (which my mom tried once) it would only result in lots of crying. But as I was walking through the cereal aisle of all places, I noticed a pack of punch balloons (remember those?) and couldn’t resist.

I thought it would be perfect mommy-making-dinner entertainment. And although his face doesn’t show it in this picture, he truly loved it.


All little creatures were super excited to get to that balloon. Actually I think Scout was mostly nervous.


I was pretty sure that if I could just keep the cat away from the balloon, everything would be fine. I was wrong. I’m pretty sure that Miles bit it.

And because I’m not a good mother, I took a picture of the aftermath before I held him.



Jess Dickerson said...

Oh, that last pic made me laugh so hard! Love it.

merathon said...

i'm just lovin those JEANS!