Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cute pictures make up for a missed day of blogging

Before you start judging me for missing a day of blogging, just know that I spent my normal blogging time (that being once Miles is in bed) with my head hanging over the toilet. Caught some sort of stomach bug that I’m hoping is gone.

But I did take some great pictures of Miles at my sister’s house last night.

The weather was still very nice when we got there, so Chris took Miles out to the trampoline with my sister’s girls. Pictures don’t turn out that great through the mesh cage, but you can still tell he was having a great time.



And then (instead of eating dinner), he played with a ball in the lawn and pointed at airplanes flying over.


And then as Chris was playing video games in the basement with my brother-in-law, my mom introduced Miles to the piano. He got the hang of it pretty quickly.


And so you see, I’m still kind of copping out of a real blog entry by just posting pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

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JenRoth said...

Hmm, stomach bug?! Sounds suspicious to me ;)