Friday, March 9, 2012

Our dirt

So let’s talk about building a new house, shall we?

Before Christmas, Chris and I signed a contract to build a house with a local builder, hoping it could be finished before this baby is born. And he out of this rental without having to extend our lease. We were told they would try their best to break ground the first week of February.

Fast forward to last week, the first week of March, to the actual ground breaking.

Oh well.

We have already had several design meetings where we leave with lots of maybes. The problem? Although this builder uses very nice materials as their standard, it is not quite our style. So…we’ve ended up having to upgrade lots of things to a more modern style, not a Colorado traditional style. The other problem this presents is that it takes them a while to price things out because they aren’t used to the different materials.

Oh well.

But here’s where the house will go. It’s beautiful and private, but still in a suburban neighborhood within walking distance to the elementary school.


I’m just hoping that this baby can actually come home to our home and not a rental house. It’s just making nesting extremely difficult.

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