Saturday, March 31, 2012

A girl is on her way…

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A week and a half ago, we had our official gender-reveal ultrasound. This was a source of much debate in our house as we tried to decide whether to find out the sex at all. We did not know that Miles was a boy until he was born, and we never regretted not knowing, but for some reason I just wanted to know this time. And since the baby is currently kicking my bladder, I felt I had a say in the matter. Chris didn’t want to find out, but he was willing to go along  with whatever I decided (what a good man).

I think the real reason he didn’t want to find out was that he was worried that it would be a girl. For some reason Chris has it in his mind that a girl will be much harder to raise than a boy. And more expensive. I’ve been trying to convince him that that little girls do sometimes have more drama, attitude, and emotion than boys, but that doesn’t mean that she will be a terror just because she is a girl. He’s worried that she won’t want to wrestle or go hiking with him, but I think she will love anything that we raise her to love. And yes, she will probably be more expensive, but I don't know if there is anything I can do to change that.

I’m of course really excited to have a girl because I think all moms want a girl, but Chris is still coming around to the idea.  Oddly he’s the one that suggested that we buy new bedding for the nursery when she’s born, and I’m the one that planned on re-using what we already have (especially because it’s gender neutral). But if he insists on buying something new, I guess I can’t argue that.

Now our debates can focus on picking a name. As it turns out, it was really good that Miles ended up being a boy because we agreed on lots of boy names and no girl names. I found the original list that we took to the hospital last time and realized that this is going to be a long process. It’s possible this baby girl won’t have a name until she’s five.


Emma said...

Congrats on the girl! I bet she will have Chris wrapped around her finger! I agree that she will loved to go hiking and wrestle if that's what you do! Have fun!
PS My girl didn't get new bedding (sheets), but she got a lot of new blankets from friends.

Kimba said...

i can't wait for your girl, and i hope she's a red head! :) still really jealous about that. :)

girls WILL be more expensive chris, but personality and likes are totally up in the air. and i can't wait for jenny to post pics of you at your first tea party. :)