Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easter 2012 (otherwise known as picture overload)

I had visions in my head of the perfect Easter outfit for Miles—a white shirt, blue plaid tie, blue blazer, crisp khakis, and brown loafers. Actually, I had the outfit hanging in his closet for months. But didn’t think to try it on him until Easter morning about 30 minutes before church. And it was all WAY too big. So no Easter outfit 2012 pictures here. Just pictures of his Easter egg hunt at my parent’s house after church.

This was his first egg hunt, but he picked up on it pretty quickly.


Putting his first egg in the basket with help from Grandma and the dog.


Very serious faces for a very serious activity.


Asking my brother to open the egg because he somehow figured out that there was candy in there.



Trying to take a family picture required providing sugar first.


But it got us this cute face (just pay no attention to my fly-away hairs—Chris has taken over photo-editing and doesn’t realize that I typically edit myself before anyone else).

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